Sivadas’s Sleeping Syndrome

Sivadas’s Sleeping Syndrome

People have unique friends. I have my own collection too. And this blog is dedicated to the most peculiar of my friends, Pranav Sivadas.IMG_3254

Have you ever heard of a guy who sleeps immediately during the state of rest?! We at least take a couple of minutes to settle into that God-given privilege, but this guy here just closes his eyes and you can be well assured that he has gone to the other world. Be it the process calculation or math class, while hitting the gym, the morning and evening bus rides and even while playing a game; if there is a closed pair of eyes in a place of activity it is Sivadas dozing there.

You can ask me if this is a topic worth writing about, but if I relate the funny incident that recently took place here you’ll be more than satisfied with this post. It was the start of semester exams. I was discussing the subject that we were about to be tested in shortly (don’t ask me what the subject is, it is always the coming and going of exams for me to remember things). Sivadas came walking towards us, carrying a bag that always looks heavy (god knows what he carries in it), with his right hand lifted up and one of his fingers protruding from it and wrapped under a white band. That’s it. The discussion was lost and we were all waiting to be filled in with what had happened to his finger. He came to us with an ‘I-know-what-you-are-going-to-ask’ smile on his face. Slowly people got their eyes on him and started crowding around. What had started with a controlled discussion over a subject turned into a chaos centred on Sivadas’s finger.

It seemed he was lifting a few weights, this time particularly (and unfortunately) heavy while he hit the gym the previous day . He went into his sleep mode, as usual, and what happened after that is our fragment of imagination. He dropped the weights on his right hand. The finger nail came out, went outside-in cutting his small finger into near half and leaving his outer half swinging from the rest of the finger. Well, please don’t presume he woke immediately. A few minutes later he sensed blood dripping onto the floor and wondered where it was coming from when his friend told him there was something wrong with his finger, giving a  disgusting expression as you or I would have given if subjected to the same situation.

And when he wakes from the one thing he does comfortably (sleeping, I mean) it is always not with a jerk but a smooth transition from one state to another. And if you ask me the one activity he does without switching modes it is driving his car! He is very attentive especially when one of us is present inside and before making even a turn he would turn to all sides of the clock just to make sure the turn comes out safely.

So… hey Pranav! Just wanted to introduce you and your habits to the world. No offence! 😉

I consider myself lucky to find people like this around me. I am sure each one of you reading this have that one friend who would have made you wonder about him/her. Well, friends are always special and special!!!

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