Flash Fiction

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Writing takes a turn in this new age where speed and instant gratification are the norms of everyday life.

Are you a literary person who wishes to catch up with your best friend (a book, i am sure) at least once in your busy day?

But feel like you can’t spare a few minutes to read a quantum of Dickens or any of the big guys owing to the pace you have got to move in (most probably because of a mistakenly chosen engineering course)?

You are perfectly understood! Now all you have to do is to follow me right here so that you get the best doses of literary pieces (probably an aspiring writer’s hyperbole, never mind) every once in awhile to quench your thirst for words

And what more? The pieces come in custom-engineered packets, each less than 100 words. So read it between your boring, head-spinning, blood-sucking classes, or before you doze off in your arduous bus rides to and fro college.

Entertainment guaranteed in a minute!

This is flash fiction re-engineered.

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