The Curse of the Fair Queen


The little child was evidently amazed at the sight of the Queen standing across the vast dark blue hall. Her little eyes twinkled every time they registered the radiance and the wholesome beauty of the Queen.

How fair she looks! Even her freckles add to her prettiness.

A thick dark crowd moved across the hall, veiling the Queen. Ah! How she brilliantly lights up the bordering edges of the crowd.

‘Don’t you admire the Queen, child’ Mommy warned. ‘She is cursed.’

The child understood these words at the following night’s gathering. A part of the Queen’s body was missing.

One thought on “The Curse of the Fair Queen

  1. arjun_shivaram says:

    Just to introduce clarity… deeply think of: ‘vast dark blue hall’, ‘twinkled’, ‘radiance’, ‘wholesome beauty’, ‘freckles’, ‘dark crowd’, ‘lighting up the border’, ‘part of the body was missing’.

    The vast dark blue hall where the gathering occurs night after night is the sky, the little child and her mother are stars, and the Queen is the moon. 🙂

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