How the World Could End… (In 98 Words)

Flash Fiction #03:

Brahmma – the God of Creation – at some point in his long day (equaling 4.32 billion solar years) crafted the most beautiful girl ever. He was surprised. Amazed. And fell in love.

Considering the immorality of his marriage with the girl in his godly state, he took birth as a human in our world. Married her thirty years down the lane. And died after celebrating his centenary.

Due to his irresponsible absence up above, there was no birth in the world for 100 years. Even he couldn’t beget a child in his otherwise happy life. The world soon withered.

6 thoughts on “How the World Could End… (In 98 Words)

  1. Alagar Rajagopalan says:

    That last line is fantastic. What is immorality? u mean incest? With due respect to our scriptures, it is Brahma, who created Saraswathi. With no female was created before that and due to her beauty and with immense lust Brahma wanted to marry her. (literally she is his daughter). Saraswathi running in all the directions and Brahma created for heads for himself in each directions. (so only he got 4 heads). Finally for shrishti purpose they hv to marry and done so. several Prajapathis were born to assist shrishti and so on……. that story goes like that. In Bible it is between brother and sister (Adam and Eve). Some beginning point should be there na?

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