The Idiot

Flash Fiction #13:

In haste, he inserted his feet into the casuals instead of the black leathers and climbed down the two floors. Arjun, roaming in his territory at the parking lot, pointed out the blunder with a filling bark. Pausing, Tommy looked down to see his formal trousers reaching his casual shoes. He climbed up the steps in twos and corrected the footwear, but forgot to collect the helmet from beside the shoestand. Another filling bark from Arjun and Tommy again climbed the two floors. He took his helmet and some heavy breaths.

Tucking his shirt in, he walked to where his bike was relaxing under the drumstick tree. A few nosy stems from an overgrown branch lovingly scratched his helmet as he kickstarted his bike.

He was about to exit the parking lot when Arjun again barked. This time it was an overflowing bark; just too loud. Tommy braked and checked the side-stand – it was safely lifted up. He turned to Arjun questioningly, and got an indicative bark again. After confirming he hadn’t missed anything, Tommy ignored the further barks as he sped away.

With his project status meeting due in 1 minute, he was flat out like a lizard drinking when the junction signal switched making him come to a sudden, swerving stop. If he hadn’t forgotten his helmet, he would have escaped the irritating red.

An old man sounded his horn from behind him. Tommy stayed. But as the oldie didn’t seem to let go easily, Tommy tilted his bike and created way for the deathbed Honda. The oldie, once at par with Tommy, slapped his helmet – tup!

His Project Manager would have begun addressing the team. Tommy lifted his buttocks from the seat, stretched his left palm and brought it harshly on the oldie’s wrinkled cheek. The neighbouring cab driver had to step out to keep the frail man from falling. Tommy then rode away, leaving the lizard twitching on its back on the hot tar.

7 thoughts on “The Idiot

  1. Alagar Rajagopalan says:

    oh ok ok! but still lil more clarity may help to enjoy this story. After ur telling it is fully understood. really nice story. some mentioning of any unusual happening other than the shouting of Arjun at the time of scratching might hv helpful. Just my thought. not critizising. Nalla irukku.

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  2. Alagar Rajagopalan says:

    oh ok ok! After ur telling now I could understand and enjoy the story. Some mentioning of any unusual thing other than Arjun’s shouting might hv helpful for lil more clarity. just my thoght. not a critizism. Nice thinking and good story. Hail Ayyaps.

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  3. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    Haha… perhaps a lesson to be learned – know what’s going on before you lash out!
    Poor old man – that’s the thanks you get for trying to help 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Liked by 1 person

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