Sadly Happy

(Based on the great writer Sujatha‘s short story)


Chandran and I, in our private corner of the factory canteen, were speaking about the health insurance he had taken for his newly-born. While I was showing aversion to insurances and saving schemes, Chandran, in his responsible tone, explained the advantages of saving for the future. He sharply departed for his shift when the bell rang, leaving behind his close friend carelessly picking his teeth.

Thirty minutes later, I received a call notifying me of the death of Chandran in the nitrogen-chamber of the assembly hall.  As I was his only close friend, the management asked me to personally visit his house with the HR, and break the news of his death to his young wife.

After a reluctant travel – reluctant because I wished to stay away from this whole episode – in the management car, absorbed in the sudden, radical change of the normal course,  we reached his modest house. The HR rang the bell and urged me to step in front of the closed doors.  A child was crying far inside. My would-be wife swung open the doors.