My first novel, feverishly written over abandoned final-year theory books, is a meta-fiction, telling the coming-of-age story of Shiva – his friendship, romance, downfall, notoriety and, more importantly, his book.

Popular English-language newspaper The Hindu has written about the novelty of this book. Read the article here to buy on amazon



People at Times

A short story, as many writers agree, is an intimate depiction of a single mood. This book is a gathering of short stories that were written in different parts of time and under unsimilar influences. Each setting is different, the culture talked about varies from one to another, people of different nationalities abound, and even the protagonist in one of the stories is… a bathroom mirror that gawks at three generations of men; but each tale focuses on people going through a situation that is hard on them.

The collection is available on Amazon and Kindle. Buy here.



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