What to write tonight?

In writing, consistency is very important; a writer ought to be in touch with his pen (or the keys) on a daily basis. My head nodded with agreement, and a decision was immovably cemented when I read this online.  This is my attempt – a sincere one – to write a few words tonight. If you ask me whether the cemented decision would stay so forever, I can’t answer positively. Let us be content with tonight’s writing and leave tomorrow until tomorrow.

But what is the subject of my writing tonight? The hour hand of the clock on my writing table is between ten and eleven, the minute hand is pointing at seven and the second hand… oh forget it! the time is 10:35 p.m. It feels like the equivalent of a drunk blabbering in his smelly sleep, only I am not drunk. Anyways, what am I going to write on tonight? A short story based on the trending Cauvery issue? Self-immolation of a youth in his protest against Tamilians being attacked in Karnataka would make an excellent plot point. And imagine, suppose he had a girlfriend waiting for him back in their college classroom… that would be intensely dramatic. Moreover, what if the youth had not immolated himself but had in actuality been set on fire by a loyal-but-wicked partisan in his attempt to sensationalise the issue? I am writing this story next!

I understand it is socially irresponsible to write such a story without the slightest intention of spreading awareness of this sensitive issue but only with the idea of creating a self-satisfying blog post. But writers are deplorable and selfish opportunists who are always on the lookout for stories to shout and words to vomit. Cry out of pain and misery to a writer that your 5-year relationship broke up because your girl is no longer your girl but had overnight become someone else’s, he will, as you would have expected, console you with carefully chosen vocabulary that is extremely tear-wiping. But that same night he will sit at his table and turn your heartbreak into an interesting drama, with his eyes displaying the joy only a tired fisherman would experience on feeling a school full of fish unknowingly enter his hungry net.

So let me not be a writer at all; let me be a man who writes. Like you when you write your exam. Like your father when he records his monthly accounts. Or better (I love this) like a kindergarten child when learning to write the alphabets.

Anyways, what should I write tonight? I got a one-word prompt to write on from an online blogging site. ‘Fragile’, the word is. I am not getting any idea around this word. Everything in my life suddenly feels so un-fragile; except this writing. This piece is so very volatile and baseless that it has changed my attitude and modified my question.

Should I write tonight?

6 thoughts on “What to write tonight?

  1. Rajesh kumar R says:

    Interesting one. Keep up your writing. It should be there are some writers who are deplorable and selfish…otherwise it points all writers 🙂 hope u agree? Also i like “Let me be a man who writes”…


    • arjun_shivaram says:

      Thank you so much for going through my post and liking it 🙂
      That sentence should not be taken at face value. It was just used to set the sarcastic and comic tone.
      Thanks again, this time for picking a line and telling me how much you like it. Now I am heading straight to your blog!!


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